7 Romantic Things To Do In Verbier


Verbier boasts some of the most sumptuous ski chalets in the world. Known for high-profile visits and represented as the epitome of deluxe holidaying, there is no better place to honeymoon or simply enjoy a romantic trip full of dreams. This ski resort offers the most stunning backdrops in which yourself and your partner can fall in love, over and over again – not to mention an array of beautiful Verbier chalets to choose from.

If you’re considering a romantic Winter getaway, Verbier’s settings offer exceptional views, stunning cuisine and countless, engaging activities that will bond your romance, making you feel so sentimental, you’ll never want to leave. This Swiss, snow-capped village offers so much and is the ultimate getaway for couples who are looking to indulge in utter luxury.

Whether the two of you are planning the trip together, or you’re looking to plan a surprise Verbier visit for your significant other, this guide will inform you of the most romantic things to do in Verbier, reminding lovers of the exquisite town. Romance is all about captivating the true nature of love, and there’s no better place to do get starry-eyed than this opulent village.
It’s no wonder that the likes of Prince Harry enjoys the deluxe resort so much….

1) Enjoy an incredible private dining experience at Cordee Des Alpes

Fine dining experience

This stunning restaurant holds up to 110 guests and offers a private dining experience for those who are seeking intimate seclusion. Offering an array of deluxe cuisine, the finest champagnes and a cosy, wooden themed environment; this place is the essence of romance and you’d be a fool to miss it during your romantic getaway.

The contemporary settings and large central bar are factors that make your loved-up dining experience. Eating privately will give the two of you a chance to discuss what you’d like to see of the resort and provides an opportunity to relax, have fun and enjoy divine cuisine. Upon finishing your exquisite meals, you can lounge with some deluxe after-dinner cocktails.

2) Watch the sunrise over The Mont Fort

Watching the sunrise in Verbier offers a truly majestic moment, particularly for those who are feeling enamored. The feeling of solidarity, romance and well being that this experience provides is indescribable. Just imagine the two of you revelling in this peaceful moment and feeling the very first ray of light before your exciting day ahead. The Mont Fort is 3,329 metres above sea level, meaning that you won’t miss a moment of the stunning morning hues. Enjoy a continental breakfast while doing so, gaining the most romantic, loving and beautiful start to your day.

3) Enjoy an indulgent spa day trip at the Lavey Les Bains

To truly unwind and revive aching muscles from all that skiing, a relaxing trip to the hot springs of Lavey Les Bains offers the two of you an idyllic setting and the warmest herbal baths in Switzerland. Boasting interior and exterior pools with waterfalls, hammam, saunas, massaging baths and underwater music, this spa is the epitome of luxury and romance.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not travel too far, book the pair of you into Hotel Nevai for some time out in the luxurious steam rooms, warm saunas and gain a feeling of harmony within your mind, body and soul. An incredibly romantic activity, spa treatments will leave you feeling beautiful, content and tranquil.

Or, you could always treat yourself to a stay at one of our outstanding chalet properties in Verbier. Our fully-catered ski accommodation boasts an array of unique indoor pools and spa rooms to use at your convenience. More importantly, the whole spa is yours to use as little or as much as you like! Choose from Chalet Sirocco or Chalet Bella Coola for the ultimate luxury

4) Have a private meal cooked for you in your deluxe Verbier ski chalet

Ski chalet chef

Renting a ski chalet will open you up to a scope of romantic experiences. Sometimes, you just want to stay in with your significant other and enjoy each other’s time, so that you can completely satisfy each other’s company, you can have your own personal chef who will create a bespoke menu for your particular requirements.

The two of you can be greeted by a breakfast serving before enjoying afternoon tea and a course dinner in the evening. Sip on the finest beverages and really appreciate the company of each other by having private chefs and opulent service. This is a perfect time to cosy up together.

Find out more about luxury ski chalets here.

5) Be driven by concierge to The Coco Club

For the very finest cocktails, this swanky hideout is perfect for the two of you to let go, have fun and get your dancing shoes on. Book a table for all night champagne sipping and enjoy the modern design, velvet decorations and exquisite beverages, all delivered through optimum service.

6) Ski together across the Four Valleys

Possibly the most romantic thing you could do as a couple is head to the mountains for a high alpine ski and well-deserved rest. A romantic ski trip will offer the two of you certain privacy, experience and vacation that is simply like no other. With a range of winter activities to experience side-by-side, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the famous slopes of this dazzling village.
Endure an extensive network of blues and reds and take charge of your snow playground together.

7) Book a private sightseeing tour of the village

Ensure that you don’t miss a thing during your trip with your very own sightseeing tour of Verbier. It is home to castles, waterfalls, lakes and stunning historical buildings. As well a this, the village holds a range of events and festivals and is considered one of the world’s finest backcountry destinations. Continually attracting visitors of all ages, this holiday resort oozes sophistication and there’s no better way to view everything that’s loved about the village than with a sightseeing tour that the two of you can enjoy together during your trip.

This quaint village is full of unique, panoramic views, a range of activities including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking.

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