A Verbier Dining Experience Like No Other


Just as we provide a variety of luxury Verbier chalets, our wider community offers a host of decadent experiences. We’ve potentially discovered an experience that presents as much magnificence and luxury as our collection of unique chalets. 

We’re fortunate to have an array of fine dining experiences to choose from in Verbier, but perhaps snow table dining takes the top spot. In terms of complete experience – quality of ingredients/wine, beauty of the surroundings and opulence of the dining setting – snow table dining certainly takes some exceeding. Regardless of personal taste and preferences, the majestic backdrop and lavishness of this dining experience make it as all encompassing and endearing to all. 

If you’re coming to Verbier to be a part of this unforgettable dining experience, our Verbier luxury chalets are the places to stay. 

Introducing the Pioneers of Snow Table Dining

Trailblazers of the snow table dining experience, Kando Events offer both private and corporate a mountain top experience that will live long in the memory. With experience of executing weddings, professional events and tailored luxury moments across our wonderful home of Verbier, Kando ensure customer expectations are shattered in every experience. Creativity, ingenuity and luxury are at the heart of this experience, which is sure to excite anyone. With a melody of distinguished property features in our Verbier apartments and chalets, the triad of words used above are also more than applicable to us.  

What Does Snow Table Dining Entail?

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Snow table dining presents an unrivalled Verbier alfresco experience, with its multitude of idyllic details. What will strike you most in the initial stages of the experience, is the vast, glorious panoramic views that take some capturing. As the experience develops and the views et in, you’ll be served some of the finest food and drinks in Switzerland. On arrival, you’ll be greeted with canapes, before being treated to some champagne at the ice bar. Kando’s Michelin trained chefs will then present their menu and give an introduction to each special dish, all the while tantalising your taste buds! 

Expect to hear all about luxurious BBQ’s offerings, seafood towers, a range of hand-picked fine dining options, a gastronomic banquet and a traditional fondue. Your individual selection will be served on a hand-carved snow table, while guests’ comfort is guaranteed on snow sofas covered in thick, warm fur rugs. The rest of the dining area will be adorned with elements to suit whatever special experience takes you there. 

Unique Snow Dining in Verbier

Easily accessible to both skiers and nonskiers, each of the secret locations are the perfect place for groups of any age to unwind and enjoy some first-rate company. Even when the elements take control and the option of dining alfresco isn’t viable, the experience still has a lot to give. With the addition of lotus belle tents and mountain tipis, you’ll be able to enjoy the dining, natural environment and overall experience from a dry, cosy place. 

We previously examined some other mountain top dining experiences in Mountain Restaurants to Visit During your Verbier Ski Holiday, and are always on the lookout for the emergence of more fantastic dining experiences and locations. 

Discover our Luxury Chalets Verbier 

Whatever the reason for your trip to our beautiful home of Verbier, we have a collection of luxury chalets and apartments that charm from the very first moment. Contact our friendly, committed team to learn more about the snow dining experience and any of our chalets for rent. 

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