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Perhaps you are considering a gap year in the Alps, or you have left university and are looking to spend some well deserved time in the mountains, or maybe you are pining for a career change or new challenge? Whatever your reason, training to become a ski instructor in Verbier may just be the new lease of life you require. Not only is this a great way to improve and perfect your skills on the slopes, but it’s also a fantastic way to immerse in Verbier mountain life and earn a bit of cash in the process.

Top tips on becoming a ski instructor in Verbier

Ski instructing has become an incredibly popular profession – not only for people who grew up in the mountains, but for people around the world who have a keen interest in skiing. For many, living in a ski resort is like living the dream, and teaching people how to ski is a massive part of the lifestyle.

The role itself is both rewarding and enjoyable, not to mention the advantage of getting out in the fresh air and maintaining an active outdoor lifestyle. In this article, we provide some insight into what it takes to become a ski instructor in Verbier.

Gaining a qualification

As with other job roles, there are governing bodies who administer exams and qualifications for those who want to teach skiing and snowboarding on a professional level. For example, the British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI) has four courses for ski instructors – each of which has a varying degree of difficulty and competence in the exams and requirements.

Depending on where you are in the world, each ski area will have its own organisation – NZSIA in New Zealand and Swiss Snowsports for Switzerland, to give a few examples. Each body will have a slightly different structure, set of exams and qualifications, practical requirements and progressions; however, their common goal is to train and certify members to teach snowsports on a professional level.

Language is an important factor to consider here, as most nations will teach the course in their mother tongue. In addition, location is a crucial aspect – consider where you would like to qualify and which ski resort you would ultimately like to end up at.

Consider your options

So you’ve researched the different examining bodies, you’ve decided on your location and you’ve decided YES I want to become a ski instructor in Verbier! But you’re not sure you have the level of skill or experience required to join the profession. Here’s where you need to consider your options.

Most ski schools provide a range of courses depending on a student’s ability, and help people gain the technical experience required for each set of exams. They will also give applicants the appropriate level of snow training, and even provide food and board, a lift pass and opportunities to mingle during social events and get your hands of the latest ski attire.

BASI’s gap courses are among some of the most popular worldwide. They are spread over 10-ish weeks, meaning members can complete the courses quickly during their summer holidays or gap years. The gap courses train people for their first two levels, and cover everything needed to meet requirements.

Alternatives to gap courses

While gap courses do generally have a high pass rate, it is possible to attend exams without being a part of the gap course. BASI offers a level 1 exam that is run in snow domes across the UK.

It’s not all about working to become a ski instructor in Verbier either, there are plenty of other job roles to look into when considering moving to the ski resort. The tourism sector employs a huge amount of people in Verbier. Whether you are interested in becoming a ski chalet chef, working in a cafe, restaurant or shop, a hotel, or as a driver, there is a wealth of positions to suit your skill set.

A major benefit of working in one of these positions is that you will have ample time to perfect your skills of the slopes and train to become a ski instructor in Verbier in your own time. Whatever ever you choose, spending some time in Verbier could be the best decision you make today!

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