Catered vs. Self-Catered Verbier Chalets: How to Choose Your Dream Luxury Ski Trip


All luxury Verbier ski trips start with a stunning chalet set high up in the Swiss Alps. With Luxury Rentals Verbier, there are so many to choose from – you’re spoilt for choice. Whatever the size of your party and the itinerary for your stay, there are plenty of luxury ski chalets to rent to suit your needs, with lavish interiors, breathtaking views and incredible facilities.

But when choosing the location for your dream holiday, you also need to consider whether you’ll opt for a catered service or a self-catered chalet. If you’re struggling to decide, we’ve written this article to help you out, so keep reading to help you plan your dream ski trip in Verbier.

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Catered Verbier Luxury Chalets

Opting for a catered chalet Verbier when booking your ski trip is wildly popular in the luxury ski resort. If you’re looking for a completely stress-free holiday, this is the option for you. By eliminating the time spent cooking and cleaning, you maximise that all-important quality time spent with your family and friends.

You can chat with our staff upon arrival, or when booking, to tailor your experience to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for three meals a day or just a sumptuous evening meal, our staff are there to make your holiday as perfect as possible.

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The catered service also works really well for larger groups, as our professional staff can easily prepare a delicious and mouth-watering meal for 8+ people – something that might seem quite daunting to the non-pro! Forget your worries and relax into every meal time with your loved ones on your Verbier ski holiday.

Self-Catered Luxury Verbier Chalets

Self-catered chalets are more cost-effective and give guests the option for a more private, intimate and relaxed stay, without the interference of staff. You can have the place entirely to yourselves, and you can run completely on your own time, which means each day can be different and totally yours. If you want to go out and spend the day skiing or exploring the local area, you can do so without worrying about your culinary schedule.

If there are keen chefs in your party, self-catered chalets allow them to make the most of the facilities and get cooking! The flexibility of making the food yourselves also means you can cater to every member of the group easily.

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With Luxury Rentals Verbier, your holiday experience is our priority so even with our self-catered chalet rentals, we still offer our exclusive limousine transfer service and invite you to make the most of the wonderful facilities at the resorts.

What’s the Verdict?

The choice of a catered or self-catered luxury Verbier chalet really depends on individual requirements. If you’re looking for a completely carefree holiday where you don’t have to think about preparing your next meal, a catered service is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more intimate getaway, where you can pick and choose your daily routines, consider booking a self-catered chalet. Whatever takes your fancy, Luxury Rentals Verbier have the perfect accommodation for your dream ski holiday.

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For Verbier luxury chalets, both catered and self-catered, look no further than Luxury Rentals Verbier. Our stunning range of properties have something for everyone and will make every ski holiday one to remember! To book your luxury ski holiday, contact our team today to make your dream a reality.

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