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A while back we spoke to one of our staff members, Beth, about her favourite chalet in our selection of homes of absolute decadence. She listed Mon Izba, perhaps one of our most luxurious. That’s Beth all over that is. To mix it up, we’re speaking to Jim today, an ex-customer of ours. He booked with us a few months ago. After seeing our blog posts, he got in touch wishing to detail his experience in our chalet. We thought the exposure would be great, so we said yes.

Jim stayed with us in early December, catching the very beginning of the winter season. An eager beaver, definitely. Jim said it was the best of times, which we’re very glad about. Perhaps we should let you hear from him. He sent us this.

Verbier, Alpin Roc, and My Underestimation of Verbier

You know that feeling when you leave a movie that captured your interest so profoundly you don’t want to the leave the proximity which you consumed it in. For you, that was the movie’s universe. Upon exiting the cinema, when you check your phone and catch up with society and.. well, it stings. The days coming to the movie doesn’t leave your brain, it invigorates you. That was Verbier for me.

Verbier’s much more than a film, though. It’s tangible, it’s real. And it’d be a damn shame if I didn’t do everything I could to get more people there. Considering I can’t literally pay for people to go, perhaps I could convince them to spend their own money getting there; that’s when I thought about sending my thoughts to you (us, Luxury Rentals Verbier).

Which you said yes to and so we begin my detailing of the greatest place on earth and one of the best apartments ever too.


Considering it was December we wanted merriment in abundance. We got it, but it wasn’t exactly what we expected. Which wasn’t to say it was bad. It was good. The merriment wasn’t like any merriment we had experienced before, and that was a rather apt way to begin our Verbier journey because Verbier wasn’t like anything I had experienced before.

The merriment wasn’t a commercialised one, it was understated. It was passive. It wasn’t something marketed at you, it was there for you to do indulge in and also not indulge in if so desired. Which was refreshing. And that was just the beginning. What followed can’t be explained specifically because the wonderment placed me in some sort of stupor.

The apartment or to be precise, Alpin Roc, was nothing short of amazing. The views were as if crafted by the ski gods above. The ski was the best I’ve ever had and that’s coming from a person who grew up skiing. It was incredible. And then there’s the people and establishments that define Verbier. They were nothing short of amazing; it felt as if I were raised there.

I came to Verbier with somewhat hard-to-reach expectations. Those expectations were obliterated, for better, not worse. The word luxury was bequeathed a new meaning as the old one had died. Alpin Roc took its life with its views, modern aesthetic, gym, and unparalleled comfort.

Verbier is a place that should never be underestimated. To do so is a fools game.

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Mon Izba, Verbier

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