Where To Drink (And Party) In Verbier


Verbier’s an otherworldly ski that thousands worldwide flock to annually. however, that isn’t our only selling point. In fact, that’s not even somes main motive for coming here. Which is something we’re very proud of; Verbier is a multi-dimensional hub of fun, where one can enjoy the best of days on the slopes and also not on the slopes.

One of those other attractions is the party life during your Verbier break. It’s no secret that we like a few pints and a good dance here in Verbier; we’re home to the ever growing Polaris Festival and Prince Harry’s stag do. We can party as well as we can ski.

Due to this, we’d thought we’d run you through some of the best party hubs we have to offer, as there’s a lot and we want only the best for our clientele.

Drinking and Partying in Verbier

Naturally, there are different areas to drink in Verbier. There are different spots at different heights. And we’ll start off where you’re most likely have your first drink, Les Ruinettes.

On The Slopes


Verbier Break

Mouton Noir Verbier

This is spot people come to before their last decline into the heart of Verbier. Most are worn out, but excited; it’s hard not to be with the bar’s resident DJ playing the best of tunes to see the sundown. They get a few drinks. They share laughs. They have fun. It’s one of the best spots, undeniably. Especially so when the sun is shining. Happy hours 3pm-4pm!

The Ice Cube

Whilst this place may have some bad reviews on Tripadvisor, we believe it’s quite the spot. Those who left it bad reviews seemed to see the place as a fine dining restaurant when in actual fact it’s a lively drinks bar with some decent grub. People’s inability to read the atmosphere of an establishment never ceases to amaze us. We’re huge fans of The Ice Cube.


Where the Slopes End


Le Rouge

Perhaps Verbier’s nicest terrace, this outfit can satisfy most. Whether you want a few bottles of beer or perhaps some up-market dining, this diverse wonder won’t disappoint. There’s the terrace we mentioned, that’s where you’ll find the resident DJ spinning smooth numbers filling you with mirth. And down below? One of Verbier’s finest restaurants where you can grab some snails; people love local delicacies. Le Rouge is undoubtedly our strongest recommendation.

Pub Mont Fort

Le Rouge is our strongest recommendation as it’s, for the finer tastes, the nicest. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best in all areas. Pub Mont Fort is for the younger, raring to party generation. It won’t impress your cultural friends, but it will get them on the dance floor. Without doubt the place to go if what you’re after most is a lively atmosphere where pints seem to disappear faster than elsewhere.




L’Etoile Supper Club

The founder of L’Etoile would like his outfit to ‘stimulate the senses’ of those inside. Which is a rather generic way to describe a club, especially considering he says his club fights ‘the traditional’. We’re not here to judge the man’s use of language, however. We’re here to recommend where you should go. And this is certainly somewhere you should go.

Most definitely the only place in Verbier where you can eat, dance, and drink all the way until 4 AM.

Verbier Break

Luxury Rentals Verbier – Verbier Break

Come here, have a great ski, and have even better evenings. Trust us, it’s not hard. Verbier is perhaps one of the easiest places to have fun in the world. When you do all this, treat yourself to one of our chalets. They’re truly incredible. Any questions, give us a ring or use our online contact form.

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