Fancy a change of scenery? Become a ski chalet chef in Verbier!


You’ve heard about ski instructors and chalet hosts, but how about a ski chalet chef? For those out there who are looking for a change of scenery in the workplace, why not consider becoming a ski chalet chef in Verbier?

Whether you are a Michelin Star head chef or a highly experienced sous chef, taking the opportunity to head to one of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world to show off your skills is one not to be missed.


What is involved?

Apart from being surrounded by stunning snow-drenched mountain ranges, beautifully designed Verbier chalets and world-renowned pistes, being a ski chalet chef is an incredible addition to your career highlights.

As a ski chalet chef in Verbier, you will be preparing and cooking high-end dishes for guests who pay premium prices and who expect the fine-dining experience from breakfast through to dinner. With a team of serving staff, you will produce restaurant quality food for groups of guests at a time, ensuring quality is at the heart of your cooking.

Ski chalet chef


What would a typical day consist of?

Becoming a ski chalet chef has many perks, but one that makes it more appealing than most is that no two days are the same. You will get to meet the most interesting people and have the time of your life, both inside and outside of the kitchen.

In terms of kitchen duties, you will often start early in the morning preparing breakfast and making sure the ingredients and meals are planned for the day ahead. Most guests will head out to the slopes around 9am, leaving you plenty of time for dinner preparations and make the most of your free lift pass and equipment hire!

Most guests will expect canapes and aperitifs before their main meal which is normally served around 7pm. The dinner itself is normally three or four courses and is treated like a home dinner party rather than a typical restaurant service. Once you have sent out the last dishes around 9pm, it’s time to clean and prepare for the following day.


Fine dining experience


The benefits and perks

If the above hasn’t impressed you enough then take a look at the additional benefits and perks of being a ski chalet chef below:

Most chalet companies will pay kitchen staff fare to well and will complement your adventures outside of the chalet. You will also have your accommodation and food provided.

There are limitless outdoor adventures to be had when enjoying your days off with your ski chalet team in Verbier. Whether that be paragliding, skiing or snowboarding or enjoying the panoramic views by bike.

When you are cooking for the guests, unlike a normal kitchen service, the feedback is instant and face-to-face. This allows you to make a more personable and understanding approach to your role as a chef.

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There are many companies who are on the look-out for new additions to their catering team in Verbier, so make sure to have a look around as it could be the best decision of your life! For more information on chalet rentals in Verbier get in contact with our team today.

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