How To Get Prepared For Verbier’s Winter Season

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The summer is over. In most places around the world, this causes dismay; dark mornings and evenings, extra layers, no tan. A harrowingly depressing time. For the people involved with a Verbier ski break however, this causes exultation.

The drinks get warmer. The bars get busier. The chalets get livelier. The peaks get snowier. It’s an exciting time. Especially here in Verbier – we don’t get snow all year round like our brother and sister locations!

We’re ready for our winter season, no doubt about that. Are you?

If you aren’t, or don’t know whether you are or not, here’s 6 things you may need to get sorted before the beginning of our ski season!


Learn to Ski?

Some people were lucky enough to be able to learn how to ski on nursery slopes whilst young. Not all of us get that. Some of us are only first getting to ski now we’re older. If that’s the case with you, you’re not going to want to spend the majority of your break simply learning to ski, are you? You’re going to want to be able to shred from the first day you’re there.

If you’re part of didn’t-learn-young crowd, you’re going to have to learn before you leave! How? Quite easy really, there are many places in and around the UK where you can learn: simply google learn how to ski and where you live. Here’s a location in Gloucester for example.

What’s Your Poison?

Drinking is somewhat intrinsic to skiing. We’re not sure why. We don’t make the rules, and we sure aren’t complaining. After an exerting day, who doesn’t fancy a tipple? Hot chocolate with Baileys? New York sours? Champagne cocktail? Bellisimo.

Go and do some research and get your cocktail game on point before your visit.

Are You Geared Up?

Is your ski gear up to date? This used to simply mean getting the trendiest ski-suit. Not anymore. Now you’ve got to consider the new wave of ski gear – having the latest watches, gopros, and apps enable you to commemorate your ski trip.

If you haven’t, you better get out there and get your gear!

Look good

The 80s is back, baby. When it comes to your suit, we’re going to need neon colour. And lots of it. Don’t hold back. Splash your creativity all over your suit!

Manage your time

There’s a plethora of watches out there; all equipped with route planning, altitude telling, heart rate counting technology. It can be confusing, so we’ll rid the confusion for you by recommending the Suunto Traverse GPS Outdoor Watch. It’s nifty and stylish.

Record the memories

Hero 6 is here and it is great! With a wealth of features, this deft piece of kit is guaranteed to make your skiing trip all that better. It records in 4k, and then – with its new quikstories feature – sends that footage straight to your GoPro app. It also has the most stable filming footage ever to grace the slopes. No brainer.

Simplify your skiing experience

The realm of skiing apps is a deep and for most, unchartered territory. We understand this. We thought we’d save you some time by simply recommending what we believe to be the best app: for us, it’s Ski Tracks. With Ski Tracks, you can analyse your slope you’re about to embark on; see the top speed, altitude, distance, duration, runs. Additionally to this, you can record your top speed and share it with friends. Great for Verbier chalet comradery at the end of the day.

What’s For Dinner?

The amount of great food in Verbier is overwhelming. Due to the intrinsic opulence that comes with a Verbier ski break, many bring their culinary talents to roast here. They set up and feed the thousands annually, and thus, overwhelm us all.

On arrival, deciding where to eat can be an arduous task. When staying in our Verbier apartments, we like to relieve you of all stress. So why not take a look at our previous article exploring the best eateries in Verbier?

What are the Sleeping Arrangements?

We have an extensive range of sumptuous chalets. Within each one, you will find the break tailor-made to you; from chefs waiting at your will to a fridge full of local produce. We cater to your needs. Our attentiveness extends beyond our chalets, it is our ethos. Whichever one you choose, you’ll bask in the break of a lifetime.



Go Get Prepped!

So there it is. Now you know whether you’re ready for your break or not. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? It’ll be here before you know it. Go get that glam ski-suit. Go learn how to ski. Go get your winter drink recipe of choice. Go find our favourite restaurant in these whimsical lands. And most saliently, go book your chalet. Otherwise, you’ll leave us here waiting. We don’t want that. We’re too excited!


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