History of skiing in Verbier: Infographic Timeline


Verbier has been a popular ski resort in Switzerland for several decades and has continued to expand on this, particularly within the last 20 years. Known for its stylish and luxury way of life, the town attracts the wealthy from across the globe year after year.

But how has it become such a thriving resort and what makes it such a brilliant ski destination for ski enthusiasts of all ages and abilities? Come with Luxury Apartment Rentals to explore the history of skiing in Verbier and how you can experience the fascinating world in your very own luxury ski chalet.


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Although it’s been a developing process for many years, the local of national residents of Switzerland made sure that Verbier was the place to be when it came to the winter ski season. Starting in 1925, a group of keen mountaineers trekked a mere 15km up to the summit of Sembrancher for the sole purpose of skiing back down again – experiencing the rush of adrenaline and euphoria just as we do now. At this time in the 20th century, Verbier was still very much a working and agricultural town, with herds of cattle and other farming animals populating the hills and mountain areas.


The History of Skiing in Verbier


In 1946, the first ski lift was installed after the Swiss Government concluded Verbier was the perfect location for a ski resort, and that’s where the magic began. The skiing boom of the 60s transformed the small farming town into one of the leading ski resorts in the Alps – from there Verbier would continue to grow and earn popularity from royalty and other leading individuals around the world.

The establishment of the Savoleyres Gondola was another benchmark in the continued success of the Swiss ski resort. The six chairlifts and one ski-tow which was installed were built during this period, allowing for the expansion of Verbier into the 4th Valley. Ten years later, Mont Fort was conquered with the 1981 cable car, Tortin-Col. This would enable more individuals than ever to experience the beauty and world-renowned ski slopes.


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