Skiing on the Verbier slopes


Skiing is one of the most exciting modes of transport, and with Verbier ranking as one of the most popular resorts in the Alps, it’s time to pack your suitcase and grab your ski gear! You can rent one of our luxury chalets and dine at one of many exquisite Verbier restaurants.

Read our helpful guide on how to tackle the ski slopes in Verbier, and you can be King or Queen on the slopes.

Verbier has the finest ski slopes in the world – unrivalled for its on-piste and off-piste activities. There are few other resorts that have such a huge variety of accessible runs. Before we tell you about the top slopes, we thought we’d put together some tips on how to ski like a pro.

Know your terrain and slope difficulty

Learn to read the signs and recognise which slopes are most suited to your level of ability – safety is of paramount importance. A green circle indicates an easy beginner trail. These trails are not to fast and not too long. Blue square shows an intermediate trail; it may contain some obstacles or a steeper grade. You definitely shouldn’t ski on these slopes until you have mastered the lower difficulty trials. Black Diamond is a difficult

A green circle indicates an easy beginner trail. These trails are not to fast and not too long. A blue square shows an intermediate trail, which may contain some obstacles or a steeper gradient. It is recommended that you do not ski on these trails until you have mastered the ‘green’ runs. A black diamond is a difficult

A black diamond highlights the more difficult trails, and will most likely contain a steep grade, small hills of snow, and other obstacles. In addition, the double diamond is a higher level of difficulty and should only be attempted by experienced skiers.

Black diamond trails featuring an ‘EX’ in the middle stand for ‘Expert Only’ and can be steep and prone to avalanches. We recommend you start by having lessons so that you feel confident with stopping, avoiding obstacles and moving from left to right.

Our step by step guide

1.Anyone in front of you has right of way – be sure to move so you are not obstructing their course
2.Keep a safe distance from other skiers in case they fall over
3.Stay in control; if you’re not ready for the slopes, you could seriously injure yourself or someone else
4.Ask for help when buying ski boots to find the best make and size. The top of the boot should feel comfortable and snug around your ankle.
5.Some skis can work on either foot but check to ensure there are no right or left markings
6.To release the ski you can push the lever at the back with your ski pole
7.Don’t forget to wear a helmet

Here are the best beginner slopes in Verbier

Here are some gentle nursery slopes in Verbier to help you learn the basics of skiing, the different between fresh snow from the snow machines, low priced tickets and a safe environment for the whole family.

Les Moulins

Situated in the heart of Verbier, this popular location is the smallest of the beginner slopes. It has a drag lift, and The École Suisse de Ski uses it exclusively for the kids club programme.

Les Essert

This great slope has one drag lift and two magic carpet lifts. Its gentle slopes are conveniently situated next to the Hameau bus stop and a restaurant terrace, and is one of the most popular spots for beginner skiers and families. It has one of longest magic carpets in Switzerland.

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Advanced & Expert runs in 4 vallees

For more challenging slopes in Verbier, you can take in some breathtaking views as you journey down the slopes of the 4 Vallees. Cut right across near the top, to the right of the tram line, and make your way down. However, it is not a marked official run. It is steep, but slightly smoother down the face of the slope.

The Printze area of the 4 Valles offers four well know ‘black’ runs, some of which break off into multiple legs. Their names are La Tzoumaz, Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Thyon.

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