Luxury Rental’s Day Off – Verbier’s Best Day


Verbier offers rich diversity: the slopes, the restaurants, the treks, the cycle routes. Deciding what to do can be pretty overwhelming. Due to this, we’re going to run you through the perfect day on a Verbier break that our team decided on!  

What time of year?

First thing’s first, what time of year shall the perfect day take place? Despite Verbier’s stupendous summer offerings, we decided that our perfect day would take place in mid-to-late December. The winter season would’ve just begun, thus, the spirits would be high. That’s the best time to venture to these parts.


Best days begin the night before

A great day always begins the night before. If you want to have the perfect day, you’re going to need to be prepared. Here at Luxury Rentals Verbier, we believe you should get a good night sleep, only then will you have the perfect day. Your brain and body need to be rested! Get that sleep. Try not to be tempted by the inviting, tumultuous noise of Verbier’s bar offerings. We know it makes many float towards it like cartoons towards pies in Disney movies. Refute the cliche!


Sustenance, baby!

So, get a good sleep. That’s of the utmost importance. What about when you’ve had a good kip? Well, your perfect day is upon you. What could happen today? You could get engaged? You could ski your first black? You could just have a standard, stellar Verbier day? You’re going to need some good breakfast to be prepared for all that potential. You need sustenance!  

In our chalets, you only get the best. Our breakfasts are phenomenal. Orange juice, meats, fruit, cereal — whatever you want, we have it, and we provide it at a high standard. Our prime breakfast time? Got to be 8:30 AM. That’s the perfect time for the perfect day.


Slope time.

Hey, we’re aware the perfect day is subjective. We heard you murmuring. Yes, you. This is our perfect day though, and we’re Verbier experts! We know 8:30 AM’s early. But, come on, you’re only here once. Plus, the breakfast rules!

Breakfast was done. Time… To…. Hit… The slopes! This is the exciting part. We did consider all the other aspects Verbier has to offer. But the Verbier winter season’s just begun, the slopes are categorically the place to be.


Ski away! Push yourselves! Do it!

You have to exert yourselves. That’s how you earn perfect day; pushing yourself to places you’ve never been before. That way, when your legs ache in the evening, you’ll really feel like you’ve achieved something. You would’ve come to Verbier and conquered it. 


Call it a day at a wise time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The perfect day revolves around a great day on the slopes. But you can’t spend the whole day up there! You’ll freeze, and there’s much more to behold anyway. Verbier is but an effervescent glass of champagne, skiing is the first sip, but there’s a whole lot more to drink. Some like to go back and showered and then go out. We suggest a drink first. (nothing like that fresh drink off the slopes – you’ve earned it!)

Now, this was a fiercely contested segment of the day. Some of our team said they like to go straight back, freshen up, hit Verbier’s best taverns later. Some didn’t. What we eventually decided on was to go for a drink before you freshen up. You deserve it, and to be honest, skiing to the entrance of a bar, nothing makes you feel like humankind has conquered this earth more. Apres-ski entertainment. It has to be done.   

Bonus: many bars in Verbier do a happy hour from 4-5. Why not utilise that?  


Spruce up! The evening awaits.

At this point you’re probably thinking you’re dreaming: you’re having such a good day, you think you’re a protagonist in an 80s movie and your name’s Ferris. But, you’re not. Your name’s Abi or Paul or something. But your day is as good. No need for a silly name like Ferris.   

Now is the time to freshen up. Verbier is a home for glitz and glam, so you better don your best. Time to rub shoulders with the rich, famous, and most probably cold.

Luxury Verbier Chalets


Go for the best food around.

If my memory serves me right, you haven’t eaten since your sumptuous breakfast in your luxury Verbier chalet. You’ve skied and snowboarded arduously all day, you had your post-exertion drink, you’ve got ready… you must be starving. Lucky for you, we like starving here. It’s one of our favourite burdens. We don’t let it stew, we serve it well. We fix it with only the best.

We’ve posted an article detailing Verbier’s best restaurants. There you can find the outfits which are most hospitable towards hunger.


Go for an after-food drink

Best way to wash down your new-found satisfaction? A Verbier tipple, of course. Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, we know how to drink. Hot cocoa steam cutting through the thin air, soon to enter your mouth, filling your body with the warmest of raptures. Ice-cold beer, topped with snow-like foam, bubbling beneath; chockablock with effervescent satisfaction. Sound up your street?


This is where age comes into play. Two routes: bar or bed.

Age is a concept, yes, but it’s a concept many of us strictly adhere to. In the confines of the concept, this is where old go to bed, and when the young elongate their perfect day. Borrowing happiness from the next. Route A or route B? Stay out or go to bed? Our office eventually decided we’d pursue route A. Another beer, please.

For you route Bers, this where your perfect day ends. It’s been a pleasure. Go get some good rest. Try and top this day tomorrow. It’ll be difficult, we’re sure.

Route Aers, where are we going? Pub Mont Fort? Apres Ski Bar?


Verbier Nightclub talk

Perfect days are always topped by perfect nights, which eventually blur into distinctly imperfect hangovers. But in the moment, they bulge the perfection of it all. Verbier is great for that. There are many drinkeries which you can patronise to top your day.

For example, Mont Fort and Apres Ski Bar. We’ll be posting an article over the coming month about the best places to drink, so look out for that!



And this is when the perfect day comes to an end. Even for the tenacious route Aers. It’s time to hit the hay and get ready for tomorrow.


These are the sort of days we love. Come and enjoy it with us.

These are the days we all love here at Luxury Rentals Verbier. We have the best chalets to supplement such days. And after a day such as this, you’re going to need a comfy and cosy abode to recover. Perhaps get one of our chalets with a sauna? We recommend Mon Izba.

Get in touch with us now if you’d like a perfect Verbier day!  


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