Santas Take Over the Slopes! Verbier at Christmas


As detailed in our previous article, we love Christmas here in Verbier. We love the weather; we love the music; we love food: we love it all. Need proof? Well, if you simply can’t take our words at face-value, here’s proof:

That’s right. We all dressed up as Santa. We even broke a record; A Guinness Book of Records representative were here to confirm! We were thrilled.

The Ski as Santa event, for us, says a lot about Verbier; those who dressed up were gifted a day ski pass. If signed up in advance, they were even gifted free train pass from Geneva. Verbier, although obviously a place of sumptuosity, decadence, and lavish wealth, is a place of unquestioned inclusivity. And that’s something we’d love to talk about.

On arrival

The inclusive air of Verbier is something worth talking about. If you’ve never visited here, but perhaps you have been to alternative ski-orientated resorts, you know that there can be a sense of snobbery in the air. Here, there’s no such thing.

On arrival, you’ll get more smiles and waves than you can imagine. Verbier is place where when you look lost, a person will help you. And that’s what will happen upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted with the warmest of smiles, not an air of judgement.


Verbier is home to the World’s best off-piste ski. Considering this, many would assume that there’s an feel of superiority on the slopes; the best come from all over the world to ski here, how couldn’t there be? Once again, wrong. We welcome all levels here. Our nursery slopes are frequented by old and young!

As said, Verbier is home to the best skiers in the world, which also means it’s home to the best ski-instructors too!

Bars and Restaurants

You might not be able to walk in and shout ‘the usual please, keep’ at the bar staff, however, you’ll feel if you almost can; you might not have your table in the restaurants and bars, but the people are so welcoming all tables are your tables; you might not know the menu well, but the waiter will amend that, and they’ll do it with a smile. Verbier, though cold it is, is a one of the most warming places in the world. We’re proud to showcase this.

Verbier at Christmas

It really is a haven – Christmas – Verbier Chalets

It’s a haven. There’s no other way to put it. Here, the feeling of being a local is one earned as soon as you buy the ticket here. We make sure of that.

With us, you can have a fridge full of local produce on arrival. You can have a chef cooking the delicacies that only natives know. You’ll have books detailing secrets only locals would know.

A stay with Luxury Rentals Verbier is a stay as a local. Have a look at our chalets. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

Luxury Rentals Verbier