Smart Textiles on the Slopes – A New Wave of Ski Gear


What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘technology’? Phones, computers, robots, chipboards? Today, there are two new trends emerging in the technological world: WEARABLES and SMART CLOTHING.

These two industries have grown exponentially over the past decade, with today’s innovative designers and scientists collaborating to produce some of the finest gear we’ve ever seen.

From fitness to fashion, wearables and smart textiles are storming ahead in the tech market, giving people the chance to monitor various aspects of their lives – temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, steps covered, calorie intake – and even allow consumers to connect to wi-fi and smart devices while on the move.

For the ski and snowboarding industry, applying these incredible technologies to snow gear means a fully enhanced experience on the slopes. There are a growing number of products available on the market to make life on the slopes more exciting than ever before.

Here at Luxury Rentals Verbier, we are constantly immersed in all the latest ski and snowboarding action. That is why we have compiled a list of the best high-tech ski gear of 2016.

Top 10 high-performance ski gear 2016

One for the Pros    

HERO4 Black is at the top of the GoPro game – recognised as one of the best devices on the market to capture ski and snowboarding sessions. This 4K ultra HD camera is rugged, mountable and currently one of the most high-performance gadgets out there. Slow-motion capabilities enable you to take impressive, immersive footage of your time on the mountains.

See more while you ski

Smart textiles at its best, these ski goggles have an invisible heat-conductive film that is placed between a two-part lens to prevent them from fogging up during ski sessions. At the touch of a button, the rechargeable battery powers the film and heats up the goggles – acting as a kind of ‘defroster’. Battery life is about 7 hours, giving you plenty of time to ski right into the evening without your goggles misting up.

Not just a sport

The latest in the Fenix series, edition 3 is the epitome of technological sophistication. It has a range of features, including the ability to track individual runs, and record speed, distance and vertical drop data. What is more, the Fenix 3 now comes with an automatic run counter so that you can auto pause on your way back up the mountain. The watch can be worn over your ski jacket, and can even be linked to Garmin’s action cameras for capturing the full experience.

Ski senor

Creating some of the most epic and advanced skiing wearables on the market, PIQ has teamed up with equipment company Rossignol to produce this performance-tracking sensor that clips onto your ski boot. The sensor is waterproof and delivers data such as edge-to-edge speed, air time, G-force and carving angle.

Life-saving ski vest

A must-have among racers and professional competitors, the In&motion ski airbag vest detects unavoidable falls and inflates in less than 100 milliseconds, protecting your hips, back and vital organs from potentially life-threatening damage. For those moments when you find yourself accelerating downhill dangerously, this awesome product may just be your saving grace.

Love for the gloves

How do you control your music, communicate with your fellow skiers, and capture your daring downhill run all at the same time? Easy! Invest in a pair of BearTek Bluetooth & camera module gloves. These specially designed gloves feature six integrated touch points along the fingers for easy Bluetooth communication and a built-in micro-USB charging cable. The Thinsulate material and waterproof pockets for tech storage make it a strong contender in the smart textile market.

Warm toes while it snows

The Therm-ic PowerSock range combines industry-proven technology with smart materials in order to create an optimised wearable that is unrivalled. The PowerSock keeps your toes warm, even in below-freezing temperatures. The sock is battery powered and continuously releases heat to the entirety of your foot – a toasty treat for anyone participating in outdoor winter activities.

Up your game

Looking for a slope session with a twist? RideOn ski goggles enable you to bring augmented reality to the slopes – a first of its kind! The whole experience is truly immersive. Connect with your fellow riders (view their location and call and text them handsfree); navigate the mountain slopes with virtual maps; take videos and photos of your runs with the built-in camera; and play virtual reality games as you ski with your competitors.

This smart piece of headgear raises the ski gear bar. It eliminates the need for external technology by giving the wearer the combined tracking, HD, video, direct helmet-to-helmet communication, and handsfree calling all in one protective package.

Room to breath

The Pete jacket is the latest biker-inspired insulated ski jacket from Helly Hansen. While there are no batteries or Bluetooth included, the jacket does have some epic high-tech capabilities. It is breathable, waterproof and windproof, and the innovative H2Flow system helps to regulate body temperature. It is also helmet compatible and features a number of internal pockets for equipment and device storage.

Grab yourself the latest essentials for taming the peaks, and ensure that you are fully prepared for life on the slopes. Furthermore, these products make fantastic presents if you are stuck for gift ideas for the skiing/snowboarding enthusiast!

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