Staff Favourites: Mon Izba


We have an incredible selection of chalets, just have a look for yourself. Pretty spectacular, right? We’ve lost many hours to just staring at those wonders. No, really, we have. We wouldn’t lie to you.

Our selection is so large and impressive it can be hard deciding what chalet to book. You may look at Chalet Orsini; envisioning yourself and your loved ones pruning to your own delight in that marvellous hot tub. Of course you’d have champagne. How couldn’t you in that situation?

Perhaps you’ll lend your time, imagination, and excitement to Chalet Agate, sometimes known as the one with the really nice spa. Whilst it’s spa is really nice, there’s a lot more to this chalet than it’s heated cabins. It’s dining area, which seats ten, is an awe-inducing space that looks out onto the mesmerising slopes. Its south-facing terrace affords some of the best views you can find in Verbier.

As we said, it’s difficult. That’s why today we’re one of our staff members, Beth, is going to explain just why Mon Izba is her favourite chalet.

Mon Izba Pool

When it came to choosing a chalet, why Mon Izba?

There were many things that made me choose Mon Izba. The pool is absolutely stunning. After seeing it I couldn’t stay anywhere else. Actually, that entire floor is incredible. The gym. The sauna. The hammam. The outdoor hot tub. The place is total luxury. Unspoiled luxury. I couldn’t choose any other, not for the life of me.

Some words. How was your experience?

It was everything I expected it to be. The pool rewarded me for all my kind thoughts with its excellence. And so did the gym. And so did the sauna. And the hammam. Oh, and the hot tub.
The experience was once-in-a-lifetime. But when it comes to visiting Mon Izba, I can go more than once. Result!

What did you get up to when in the Verbier chalet?

We skied. Lots. It was great. Other than that? Well, we were tired. We went out for meals a couple of times, but we mostly chilled at the chalet. It was so good there we hardly wanted to leave! The chalet was also full of local produce which was lovely. The cinema room was a treat! And of course, a lot of time was spent at the in-house spa.

Did you go to any of the bars?

Well, of course! I totally forgot to mention that. We went to Pub Mont Fort a few times and that was great – every time we left merry!

Back to the chalet. Will it always be Mon Izba?

I’d like for it to always be Mon Izba, but unfortunately, I feel I should try other chalets. Mon Izba is one of the best buildings I’ve ever stepped foot in; from the terrace to the spa to the cinema room to the dining area, it is unbelievable. I was gasping every day.

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Yes, Mon Izba is one of our best chalets. Beth described the feeling it induces rather well we believe. If you’d like to book that one, feel free to contact us. If not, have a look at our other chalets – they’re also incredible! We look forward to your call.

Mon Izba

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