Stories from Our Very Own Verbier Ski Breaks (That We Know Of!)


The great thing about a break in the slopes is the sheer diversity that these whimsical planes of white offer. It’s not just extreme sports, it’s more; it’s romance, it’s food, it’s family time, it’s drinking – or as we like to call it: anti-family time. All in all, it’s memories. Here, in our homes, on these God-given gifts, you can create something great. Something you’ll never forget.

All’s well us somewhat ambiguously talking about it, but for you to fully understand, we thought it best we share some of the stories that have taken place in our fortresses of whatever-you-want-to-enjoy-most whilst here. Here are 5 great ones that really paint a picture of a break in the slopes:



Learning how to ski

Last year we hosted a family of 4: James and Rebecca Wood, and their two little ones, Phoebe and Max. They, as a family, enjoyed all the offerings these slopes have to give: Fine food, body-warming drinks, and of course, skiing itself. James and Rebecca, already at an intermediate level, enjoyed some time on our daring red slopes. Their little ones, however, well they learnt how to ski whilst here.

James said this to us on departure ‘It was really great. I was somewhat tentative going into this holiday – I had heard Verbier only had difficult slopes. Phoebe and Max hadn’t skied before, and with kids, you never know what they’re going to like. But they loved it. With assistance, they picked up the basics in a few days. Really wonderful break: a great family experience, time on the slopes, and great beer – when the wife wasn’t looking, of course.’

It is a common myth that Verbier ski breaks are simply for experts; of course, we do have some of the most impressive black, blue, and red slopes around. But additionally, we have some inviting nursery slopes which are more than perfect for your children to learn on. This is exactly what the Woods did.

Too drunk (or hungover) to ski?

We have many regulars here. Much like Phoebe and Max, plenty came here as a child and learnt how to ski. Their family too had a great time, which ultimately led them coming for a Verbier ski break annually. Some 20 years later, these little ones are now experts – they’re actually quite big too. That’s what these slopes and our personalised homes offer; a unique experience that you feel connected to. This is why so many come time and time again.

Coming here annually has allowed many to feel so familiarised to their surroundings that they don’t quite appreciate the elegant beauty of the slopes: a sight to behold, not to vomit on. For Thomas Harrison, that’s exactly what happened. The last time Thomas,

or as we know him, Tom, was here well I guess the best way to put it is that it got rather ‘messy’. Tom arrived for a weekend stay, got too excited by our bar offerings, over-indulged both Friday and Saturday, and consequently, didn’t get an ounce of snowboarding in! Tom said on departure ‘my head hurts’.

We know we wouldn’t enjoy the slopes in such a way. However, some do. Once again, this is because of the diversity this area offers: skiing, drinking, eating – whatever you want to do, we have it. Many of our luxury chalets even have a wine cellar!

Came as a couple, left engaged

Sometimes it feels as if, these mountains, these homes – it feels as if they sing the language of love. The empirical evidence sure is there! The amount of proposals that take place here is unfathomable. It appears the location can make even the least romantically inclined a modern-day Romeo.

And that’s what happened when Jennifer Stevens (soon-to-be Daniels) and Milo Daniels were here. They came as part of a modern ‘couples trip’ with friends. We managed to get hold of Jennifer to ask her about her time here: “Oh it was incredible. Milo’s not usually the romantic type, unless I have pizza – haha. But here, he was just so charming! It was really sweet. When he popped the question I just couldn’t say no! The setting was just perfect.’

Whilst here these two and their friends stayed in our Mon Izba chalet. Obviously, from one glance, you can see why romance came in abundance. It’s practically Cupid’s lair.


 Turns out skiing wasn’t for you?


Plenty haven’t been on a skiing or snowboarding break in their life. For those who fall in this category, coming to our apartments is a total shot in the dark. A good deal still come on their first Verbier ski break way past their twenties, however. You don’t have to be young to learn – you can just join Phoebe and Max on the nursery slopes!

Most of the time, doing this is a total success. People pick it up and slowly work their way up the gradations. For Mark Steele, this wasn’t quite the case. Unfortunately for Mark, he’s not quite blessed with natural balance. Not being able to ski or snowboard whilst on a skiing and snowboarding break – absolute calamity, right? Not exactly. But we’ve talked enough, we’ll let you see what Mark said.

‘Man, what a disaster. Well, you’d think it was a disaster, wouldn’t you? On a skiing break, not being able to ski! My mates were they zooming down the slopes. And I was there, falling over whilst moving as fast as a snail. Embarrassing. After two days or trying I just gave up. I spent the rest of my time there in the bars: I think it was called Mont Fort or something (bang on, Mark.). In restaurants: eating some damn gorgeous food. And in the spa: reflecting on my own inadequacy. In the evenings there were bands. It was… well, it was brilliant. I had one of the best weeks of my life – total luxury! Was the break I needed.’

‘We just had a normal time really’

For most of our guests, they get what they expect. It could be considered a run-of-the-mill experience, but that phrase doesn’t usually imply such opulence. Well, here it does. Our deluxe ski chalets, the slopes, the eating and drinking outfits; all unadulterated opulence.

This is what the Trevascus’ enjoyed when they stayed here. Susan Trevascus had this to say on her departure: ‘We had a pretty normal time really. Everything was as we expected it. The house was unbelievable. And the same for the slopes too. It’s why we come back – it’s great.’

We hope these stories have illustrated to you what sort of memories you can make here. The possibilities are endless. Why don’t you have a look at our unparalleled homes?


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