Swiss cuisine in Verbier is darn tasty!


swiss cuisine in verbier

It’s not just the scenery and luxury chalets that qualify Switzerland as one of the most indulgent places on earth. And as a highly elegant ski resort in the country, Swiss cuisine in Verbier is decadent, hearty and just plain scrumptious.

Can you think of anything more magical than enjoying a traditional cheese fondue in the comfort or a cosy alpine restaurant while gazing out at the snow-capped peaks? Well, neither can we, which is why the Luxury Rentals Verbier team has put together this list of the top Swiss cuisine in Verbier – and we’ve added some recipes in case you want to replicate them at home.

Sit back, read, enjoy – and try not to drool all over your keyboard!

Swiss cuisine in Verbier that you must try!

Whether you are visiting Verbier for a luxury ski holiday for two, or you are heading to the slopes for an active family getaway, there are some seriously indulgent treats to feast on. At Luxury Rentals Verbier, we are passionate about all things Verbier – and the food is no exception.

swiss fondue cheeseFondue

Some may call it cliche; others a prerequisite of visiting Switzerland. Either way, fondue is one of the tastiest delights to come from the mountains. This delicious dish is woven into the fabric of Swiss life, and for centuries, has served as a major part of the population’s diet.

Once considered a staple, as a means of using bread and cheese during the colder months, cheese fondue is now an art form – infused with wine and garlic, and left to bubble over an open flame, this dish is the ultimate comfort food. For the most decadent fondue experience, why not pair your fondue with white wines or a tipple of schnapps?

Make your own with this Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe from Jamie Oliver.



Not too dissimilar from the hash brown, Swiss rösti are made by shaping thinly grated potatoes into round patties and pan-frying them until golden in colour. This iconic dish is usually served crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle.

Some places serve a more refined version by adding bacon, onion or cheese to the mix – or serve it as a side dish alongside fried eggs, spinach or sausage meat.

The origins of this dish are said to have began in Bern, where farmers would cook them up for breakfast, but today, the dish is widely celebrated across the whole of Switzerland and is considered a national dish.

This rosti recipe from the Guardian is just marvellous!


This dish is sometimes referred to as ‘herdsman’s macaroni’ and traditionally comes from the German part of Switzerland. A combination of cheese, potatoes, onions, macaroni, milk or cream (and sometimes apples) are baked in the oven, and come together to create this plush plate of comfort food.

The dish is typically served with fried onions, bacon or with a stewed apple on top. It’s a truly hearty meal that is sure to warm up your cockles on a cold day in the Alps. If you want to give this wonderful meal a try at home, we recommend following this authentic Swiss recipe.

raclette swiss cuisine in verbier


We see a theme emerging here…..Cheese! Swiss cheese is absolutely glorious – so why not put it in every meal? Raclette is the name of a cheese made from cow’s milk and has a slightly nutty flavour, like gruyère. Imagine cosying up in a hillside cafe and basking in the fragrant smell of raclette cheese. Sounds divine!

Raclette cheese is commonly grilled slowly over a fire, with the layers of melted cheese lashed over potatoes, pickles, onions, bread – anything you want really. Best enjoyed with a lovely glass of Fendant wine.

As this popular dish begins to transcend borders, many people around the world are investing in their own raclette dishes. You will need one of these to cook raclette at home. Once you have one, try out these delicious recipe ideas from Raclette Corner!


The chances are that you have already heard of muesli, or even eaten it for breakfast, but did you know that it was invented in Switzerland? In the 1900s, Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner developed the dish for patients in his hospital, believing that a diet consisting of cereals, fruits and vegetables was far better than a heavy, meat-based intake.

Muesli generally includes a mixture of oats, fruit, nuts, lemon juice and condensed milk, and today, is considered a staple breakfast meal around the world. To make your own, why not try this Seven-Cup Muesli recipe from BBC Good Food.

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