Verbier as a Vegetarian


Swiss food has quite the reputation: cheese fondues, rostis, tartiflette, etc. But did you know there’s a growing vegetarian scene? Like a thriving ecosystem, it is slowly growing on Verbier. And the locals are loving it.

Although Verbier is known for meats, the produce is nothing short of amazing. And whilst there are no directly vegetarian restaurants, some outfits are beginning to serve veggie-friendly sub-sections.

Le Carrefour

Cheese fondues are the noise around here. Why? Well, because the cheese from Switzerland is world-famous. It’s among the elite in the cheese-proprietors of the world. And putting those cheeses in a fondue? Oh my, it takes them to a new level. A level which many others can’t reach. And of course, cheese is vegetarian! Sorry, vegans, Verbier isn’t quite progressive enough for you guys. Yet, anyway!

Cheese isn’t their only vegetarian option too, they have rostis!

Le Dahu

Le Dahu is famous for its incredible views. People often spend long afternoons there, soaking up those very views; unlike any in the world. Homing two restaurants, there is a wide variety of choices here, carnivorous and herbivorous. They’re fans of the traditional too, and as apparently cheese fondues are on the rise again, expect to see some great ones here too. There’s a crepe bar, too! One of Verbier’s best spots this one.

Aiseki Sushi

Right in the heart of Verbier, this restaurant is slightly different from the rest. Whilst it’s no difficult task to, as you may be able to tell from above, cheese fondues, you may have to be slightly more versed in the area to find oriental cuisine. However, there’s no need for you to walk the streets in search of such an outfit – here’s one right here. Aiseki Sushi has many, many vegetarian options. So, if you’re not a meat eater, get yourself here.

Chez Dany

An establishment with views akin to those at the top of this article, this place, however, is much lesser-known. The reason being is you either need to hike here or get a snow taxi rather than being able to ski there. Not a problem, however, it means it’s much less noisy and an understated vibe. Plus it’s great in the summer when the temperature averages a slick 25 degrees Celsius. The place itself is undeniably modern, and the dishes match the aesthetic, serving an eclectic range, including vegetarian dishes.

Luxury Rentals Verbier

It’s wonderful that the vegetarian wave has hit Verbier and restaurants are beginning to serve a wider variety of food; more people can enjoy this wondrous place now! Are you looking to come here? Have a look at our INCREDIBLE chalets. Any questions, give us a call. We’ll ready to talk!

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