What Verbier Chalet Of Ours Has The Best Pool


Most of our Verbier chalets are a Verbier chalet like no other. They may vary in size and in amenities, but each one is unique and transcendent as the last in a distinctive way. However, there are certain elements where you can compare and contrast, like, for example: swimming pools. Swimming pools epitomise wealth, don’t they? As such, below we’re asking: what chalet of ours has the best pool? It’s a fun thing to discuss and perhaps may help you in your decision with what chalet to book.

First of All, Chalet Sirocco

This chalet won the award of best new chalet at the 2015 Ski Awards, so it’s safe to say it’s one of our best. It has panoramic views at such a height you can see all the best Verbier has to offer. The furnishings are otherworldly. And not only that, it has one of the best swimming pools we have.

But let’s rank it. First of all, this swimming pools best trait is perhaps its looks: it’s damn right beautiful. No hiding from that. Purely on looks, we give it a 10/10. However, there are certain aspects that could put it down in the pecking order for best-swimming pool, like, for example, its positioning in the chalet, the ground floor. That assessment all depends on the owner, though, some like a dark lit swimming pool.

Verbier Chalet Swimming Pool

Secondly, Chalet Sagarmata

Chalet Sagarmata is a masterpiece of contemporary design. It is, without doubt, one of our most awe-inducing Verbier chalet. But how does the pool compare?

Chalet Sirocco’s pool got a 10/10 in the looks department. That was, as suggested, partly due to how enticing the dark lit aspect was. However, that does have it shortcomings. If you have a look at a side-by-side of Chalet Siroccos in comparison to Chalet Sagarmata there’s an interesting argument to be put forward. Sagarmata’s pool is undeniably beautiful; plus, you get natural light and can see the stars in the evening. Our take is that this Sagarmata beats Sirocco’s.

Verbier Chalet Swimming Pool

Thirdly, Chalet Makini

Chalet Makini, completed in 2013, is an incredible Verbier chalet. At its cheapest, it’s just over £50,000 for a week. Astounding stuff. However, it is rightly that price as you can tell from looking at just how beautiful the chalet is.

What’s the pool like, though? Well, to be put lightly, a highlight. The best part about Maikini’s pool is its seamless blend of relaxation area and swimming pool area. It feels that those in pool and communicate with those not and vice versa without a worry. Unlike others, it feels as much a social area as it does a work area. 10/10.

Verbier Chalet Swimming Pool

Fourthly, and Finally, Bella Coola

Unlike most other any other Verbier chalet, Bella Coola is propitiously placed in the heart of Verbier. It is also individual in the fact that it’s much more regal looking. This comes across in the architecture, bedrooms, and of course, the pool, too. 9/10.

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Yes, that’s right, you can stay in these incredible chalets. All you have to do is give us a call or use our online contact form, and we’ll do the legwork for you. You’re that close to a break of your dreams. If you’d like to stay in one of these wonders mentioned today during peak season, you’ll have to be in touch rather quick!

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