Verbier at Christmas


Verbier at Christmas elevates: The bars become cosier, the slopes become snowier, the drink and food become Christmasier. The unique magic that these lands contain becomes even more unique, which is a hard feat to accomplish.

Verbier embraces Christmas in its own distinctive way. All around the world, many places adopt a very commercial approach to the festive period. Here in Verbier, we take a very stripped-back approach. We enjoy Christmas as much as everyone else, but we enjoy it in a much more relaxed way.

As your days will mostly be occupied with skiing, going to local bars and restaurants, and enjoying the beautiful sights of Verbier, you’ll see close-to-none adverts. All you’ll see are snowy slopes and loved ones; we love that here at Luxury Rentals.

Christmas also falls during our peak season too, which we assume most of you know, but if you didn’t: during December, we are our busiest and the slopes are at their best! Due to this, Verbier becomes much busier and is much more lively. It’s not something you want to miss!

And it doesn’t stop there

Forget Verbier at Christmas, What About NYE?

New year’s eve in Verbier is known Europe-wide. We throw the best party in Switzerland! On the evening we have grand fireworks for all to enjoy – the display lasts four hours!

The party leaks onto the streets; this creates an atmosphere like none other.

We truly believe Verbier is the best place to be during the Christmas period. We think you will too if you come along.

More stories from guests of ours!

A couple of months ago we posted an article where we spoke to former guests of ours. They detailed their experience of Verbier and what fun they had.

Due to great response, we had to that article and as Christmas is very quickly approaching, we thought we’d get hold of some of former guests who stayed here during the Festive period and run through what they got up to!

Ali Chodkiewicz

Verbier at ChristmasAli stayed in one of our chalets a couple of years back. That year was a good one – and it’s only got better since! Ali had this to say

“Oh it was great. We came on the Wednesday before Christmas (the 23rd) and stayed until the 2nd. And what a time it was. We got a fair bit of skiing in – the kids loved being on the slopes during the festive season! We spent most of our evenings in the chalet; huddling around the fire getting all cosy!

Well, apart from NYE of course. That night, we were out on the streets watching the fireworks. After the countdown, we went back to the chalet because of our kids, but we wish we could’ve stayed out longer! The place really had a certain buzz. It was great.”

Guy Roberts

Guy came with his partner.

“You know what; you hear about these things, you see pictures, and you think: I wish I could do that. Me and Abigail (partner) did this for years when it came to Verbier and the amazing chalets there.

And then we did it.

It was everything we hoped it’d be. The snow conditions were perfect. The chalet was incredible… I mean incredible. And then the people: they were amazing too.

NYE itself was what we consider a once in a lifetime opportunity. We don’t want to do it again simply because of how good the first time was. “

Luxury Rentals Verbier

Verbier at Christmas is one of the best places to be on planet earth. Don’t believe us? Why not give it a go. We have some incredible chalets for you to stay in whilst you test the worth of our word. Chalets with pools, hot tubs, fires, and balconies! All fitted with local love. Get in contact with us now if you’d like to book one!

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